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CONTACT ME: mins_pups@bellsouth.net

Puggles available for May 09

He is now sold... Now accepting deposit s for pups to be born in about a month or so.

rFemale Black Puggle..RARE. She is now sold.. Her name is now Layla by her new owner> Thanks

Sold...She has been named Penny Lane by her new family THANKS!

Example of my Black pups




Toy Puggles aka Pockets!
These are Examples.. These pups are sold


My name is Melinda. I am a small breeder of Puggles. I am located in Western Kentucky.
I am a homemaker and mom of four. I have loved dogs since I was a young child.
I raise my puppies with lots of love.

Puggles are fabulous dogs to own.. They require minimum care. Excellent hybrid health.. They are happy go lucky love people and pets.
The dogs have short hair and come in a variety of color patterns and colors.
Puggles have been around for a few years. Good Morning America and WTVW Channel 7 out of Evansville Indiania featured the breed on November 4 2005 and announced that they are currently the MOST POPULAR dog breed in USA.
It is a well deserved title. They were also featured on CBS Sunday Morning on September 16, 2006. In August 2007, this year, a black puggle was shown on the TODAY Show..NBC.
The dogs have a plesant personality that should please most. The dogs will play when you want to play and when picked up they will cuddle. Most are really good at snuggling. There have been questions about howling. The only way I know to answer the questions is that I havent ever heard a puggle howl. I do know that most dog breeds will howl when left alone for long periods of time..out of loneliness.

I raise Puggles year round..
My puppies are available for pick up or shipping when 8 weeks old..no sooner.
The pups have  their first vaccination before leaving my home.
***I offer a hold service for pups that cant be picked up at 8 weeks old. The cost is $3 per day to hold the puppy until pick up and must be paid for before the pup is 8 weeks old. Most customers send the hold fee with the deposit.

  I offer shipping for my puppies!  Check with me about pricing.
Included with shipping/handling:
A crate, A health certificate, and travel.
I am now accepting deposits of $100 per pup. ******Deposits are non refundable and are applied toward purchase price of the puppy. Deposits can be Money Order s, Cashiers Check or Wal Mart Money Gram.. NO PERSONAL CHECKS! SORRY!

Thank You
Call me at 270-365-0575

Deposits can be sent to the following address:

PO Box 513
Princeton, KY 42445

Be sure to include your contact information for my file.
1. I need to know what gender of pup you desire.
2. If you need shipping.



The final payment for pups that need to be shipped is due by 6 weeks of age..

PO box 513
Princeton KY 42445